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What We Offer
Ring main Unit installation

Maintenance, Repair, testing, commissioning of power & distribution TRANSFORMERS.

  • Servicing of all types of transformers, dry type, and oil type up to 220 KV.
  • Checking of hotspots, inside the cable chambers, with contactless thermometer.
  • Checking of cable tightness, Cleaning & sealing the cable box for vermin proofing.
  • Fixing of gaskets, stopping of oil leakages, checking of control wiring & its tightness.
    We carry out following tests on transformers during maintenance & commissioning.
  • IR & PI value test.
  • Ratio test.
  • Vector group test.
  • Core Balance test.
  • Magnetizing current test.
  • Winding resistance test.
  • RTCC panel testing for ON LOAD TAP CHANGER.
  • Tripping trials by operating Buchholz, WTI, OTI, Oil surge relays.
  • Oil filtration to improve BDV of oil.
  • Oil DGA & Screening test.
  • We also carry out installation of transformers upto 20MVA

Lightning arrester

  • IR Value measurement.
  • Leakage current measurement.

CTs & PTs

  • IR value test.
  • Polarity test.
  • Ratio check by primary injection.
  • Knee point voltage test (applicable to only CTs).
  • Measurement of secondary winding resistance.

Maintenance Repair & testing ,commissioning of indoor/outdoor BREAKERS & PANELS

  • Installation, servicing, repairs,maintenance & testing of all types of MV & LV Breakers like SF6, MOCB, VCB & ACB.
  • Fault finding, rectification of MV, LV panels.(Including MCCBs, Contactors having BMRs).
  • We perform following tests for all types of Breakers.(Whatever applicable).
  • Checking of Mechanical & Electrical operations & interlocks.
  • IR value test.
  • HI-POT test up to 60 KV for DC & up to 50 KV for ACs.
  • Breaker timing.
  • Contact Resistance test.
  • General wiring checks.
  • Wiring modifications.
  • Checking of mechanical & electrical interlocks.
  • MilIvolt drop test on bus bars & bus ducts.
  • Primary injection test & tripping trials.
  • Stability test on differential & REF(Where ever required).


  • Installation, Maintenance & servicing of Isolators.
  • Measurement of contact resistance of isolators.
  • IR value check.
  • Checking of mechanical & electrical interlocks.
  • HV test on line & insulators.

High Voltage Test

  • AC and DC High Voltage test upto 70 kV.
  • High voltage test on Bus bar, Cables, Bus duct, HT/LT Panel.

Cable testing

  • IR Value.
  • High voltage test.


  • Measurement of live CT currents, checking of relay wiring & its tightness.
  • Testing of relays by secondary & primary injection and checking of CT wiring.
  • Testing & calibration of all types of relays.
  • Relay programming, Relay setting & scheme checking.
  • We also carry out installation/testing of all types of digital & anolog relays.

Energy meters, Load Managers, KW Meters, Trivector Meters, P.F. Meters

  • Calibration of the meters, injecting three phase currents & voltages, using phantom load set.
  • Variation of phase angles using 3 phase phase-shifter.
  • Calculation of errors in comparison with calibrated precision standard meter.
  • We also carry out installation of above said equipments.

Capacitor Bank

  • Capcitance measurement.
  • Inductance measurement.
  • Balance and unbalance test on capacitor bank.
  • Relay settings as per OEM
  • Erection, Testing and commissioning of HT/LT Capacitor banks upto 40 MVA. 132 kV.


  • To detect hot spots at joints in the panel and cable.
  • Detection of load on specific phase and solutions.
  • High quality thermal camera (Fluke) and precised report.


  • Maintenance of existing earth pits.
  • Installation of new earth pits.
  • Testing of earth pits & earth grids with earth meggers & clamp on tester.
  • Repairing & up gradation of earth pits.

Scheme testing

  • Scheme testing as per requirement.

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